What do property buyers want?


The ultimate property wishlist?

A new study has revealed what prospective buyers are looking for when it comes to wanting to make an offer on a prospective home.

2928 people were quizzed, all of whom were either in the process of buying a new home or has purchased a property within the previous 12 months. The participants were quizzed on what specific features of a new home would help convince them to make an offer on a property and this included:

An ensuite-bathroom – 61% of those surveyed stated than an en-suite bathroom was high on their list of requirements. If you have a house with more than 3 bedrooms, but you only have 1 bathroom, you could certainly look to add another bathroom in the shape of an en-suite. Whilst space is always a consideration, if you can do this, so you can certainly look to add value of up to 10% to your property. The cost to achieve this can vary between £4000 - £20,000. 

Open plan kitchen and living room - Next on the list of ‘property must-haves’ was an open-plan kitchen and living room which accounted for 56% of all respondents. Open-plan living remains highly desirable for many buyers. An open-plan living area could add up to 6% to your home.

Kitchen Island – Over half of those surveyed commented that having a kitchen island would highly influence them to make an offer. A kitchen island is ideal for larger kitchens to showcase its proportions, but it is also highly practical too as it provides an additional work space, storage space as well as a potential dedicated area for dining.

Hardwood flooring was also a popular choice for prospective property owners due to its hard-wearing and durable properties, hardwood floors are ideal for a minimal maintenance flooring solution.

A standalone bath tub was also on the list, a luxurious standalone roll top bath was key for many buyers. Luxury bathrooms are highly desirable and remains a key consideration for house buyers. 

Other items on the lists included having an attractive interior design, a large garden and being in a pet-friendly area. Having a strong mobile data signal and broadband was also factors being deliberated by prospective buyers.

Reference: Express

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