Selling in Detail


Selling your home? It's all in the detail!

Take heed, home sellers - first impressions really count.

Potential buyers are coming to look around your property, and you need to make an effort to show your home at its best. Don't make buyers imagine how good it could be - show them. Decide on the strengths of your property and show them off. Go all out to impress.

Here are our tips to prepare your home for a viewing:

Exterior appeal

Whilst the interior of your home is important, it is the external appearance that provides that all-important first impression. Consider the following...

  • When was the last time I mowed the lawn?
  • Have I ever cleaned those gutters out?
  • Could those\window frames use some fresh paint?
  • Were those paving slabs always that uneven?
  • Don't those children's toys have sornewhere to be?
  • Can people see my house number behind that embarrassingly overgrown shrub?
  • Does a surplus of weeds say that I embrace all forms of nature, or that I'm a lazy homeowner who probably hasn't maintained the rest of the property very well either?


Those gorgeous photographs of your daughter, husband, wife, nephew, best friend, cat and so forth that line the hallway and stairwell? Take them down. All of them.
The ones in the bedroom too, and the living room, and everywhere else in the house. Don't forget the cute finger painting your three year old made you for your birthday last year that's still stuck on the fridge.

Your buyers don't want to see the lovely life you've made for yourself in your beautiful home. They want to imagine the lovely life they could make for themselves in their beautiful potential new home. Don't allow anything to clutter that vision.

Speaking of clutter - get rid of it. If you've accumulated a lot of bits and pieces over the years (and you definitely have), now's the time to either a) throw them out, b) give them to charity or c) find proper, neat places for them in a closet or cupboard.

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