Prepare your home for a property viewing


You may be considering full-scale renovations to your property before you sell it on, but have you thought about the five-minute tweaks you can make to make it a little more sellable?

The simplest home improvements are the ones around the house that will make your property instantly more likeable: the ones like clearing away mess, getting rid of bad smells and changing bulbs here and there. Read on for our expert tips for how you can impress potential buyers with easy preparations.

Improve your chances of selling your home

1) Smells

A new smell is often something that will hit you when walking into somewhere new without you even noticing. Removing the odour of shoes in the porch or maybe damp dog from the hallway will leave a better impression on any visitors coming over to view the house; it may be cold outside but open the windows to aerate your home.

2) Clutter

People viewing your home don’t expect it to be spotless but clearing away significant clutter in each room will make your home look more spacious and welcoming to guests. Tidy the DVDs in the living room away, make sure there aren’t utensils on the worktop in the kitchen, and make sure clothes are either washed or away.

3) Maintenance

That lightbulb in the hallway is flickering and the extractor fan in the bathroom could do with a replacement, so make sure they get done before you have people viewing the house. These odd jobs all add up and no one wants to buy a property with too much to work on!

4) Cleaning

Make sure you vacuum each room, wipe down surfaces and clean the bathroom before presenting your home to potential buyers. Cleaning is a simple fix but it can go a long way to impressing new buyers but showing love to your own home will also show visitors that it’s a home worth investing time and care into.

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