New Year, New Home?

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Have you made your New Year’s resolutions yet? January brings with it fresh impetus, and it’s a good to time to reassess where you are in life.

Are you happy with your surroundings? Are you looking to start a family? Perhaps you have children leaving home soon.

With new year on the horizon, now’s the perfect time to think about moving house. Is your situation changing over the next 12 months? Leave all the stress of moving in the hands of our trusty estate agents and check out some of the top reasons you may want to move on.

1. Financial situation

Is your house representative of your income? It’s easy to outgrow a property when you start earning more money and whilst a small flat might be perfect when you’re young, upgrading to something that reflects your status might be an affordable and worthwhile investment.

2. Upsizing or downsizing

Have you got children on the way or about to fly the nest? Is your spare room about to become occupied, or your eldest’s bedroom about to be converted into a home office? If you’re looking to grow your family, looking for a bigger house with a garden for the kids to run around in could be exactly the move you need, whilst if you’re finding yourself with a vacant bedroom, choosing a smaller house could enable you to use your space better.

This is without touching upon location too: do you need to be closer to the schools in your area? Or would you like to move further into the country and away from the centre of town now you’re older? There are a range of properties available whatever your situation.

3. You simply fancy a change of scenery

Do you still love where you live? It’s understandable that after a long time in one area, the scenery around you will change, and it’s okay to fall out of love with your location. Choosing somewhere new can be the start of a new adventure, and with so many different kinds of places to settle in Dorset, from quiet corners to livelier neighbourhoods, finding something a little more suited to your current life is definitely an option.

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