Getting the best from property photos


How to ace property photos

A photograph speaks a thousand words, so can a good photograph sell your property?  The answer is yes!  A photograph really does speak a thousand words.  For this reason, every vendor should make sure that they are 100% happy with the marketing photography.  Why?  Because the photos are the first thing that any buyer notices. 

Imagine you are looking to move and are trawling through the hundreds of properties which are being advertised in your chosen area. What will make you hit the ‘click’ button on your laptop to check a property out in more detail? The main photograph of course. It is the main photograph that is the ‘hook’ on the end of your fishing line; if it is alluring and eye-catching, people will want to know more.  If it isn’t, people will move on without so much as a ‘nibble.’   

We have compiled a list of what we consider to be the most important things you can do to ensure your photographs attract those buyers: - 

  • Make sure the exterior photographs are taken on a nice day.  If the photographer comes when it’s raining or dull, ask the estate agent to pop back and re-take them on a sunny day.  Any good estate agent will be happy to do this for you, as good photos sell houses.  
  • Even interior photos will look much more attractive on a bright day, particularly if the rooms have a lot of natural light.  You might, for example, have a particular room that you love, which has the sun streaming in every morning; if this is the case, tell the photographer so that they can get that shot.    
  • Make sure the kitchen looks fabulous. This is the next most important photograph after the exterior shot.  A great shot of a kitchen will most definitely attract people, so it is worth getting it right. Here’s how: Clear all surfaces, pack away clutter, make sure appliances are sparkling clean, clear the sink and drainer of any crockery, take all kids’ pictures down, remove fridge magnets, polish any chrome electricals such as kettles, stick to the colour scheme and pack away anything that doesn’t match, and finally, put a bunch of fresh flowers on the table or windowsill. 
  • If you have under-cupboard lights, make sure they are turned on.  The lights will add warmth and interest to the image.  It will also make any polished surfaces or appliances sparkle.   
  • Hide pet bowls, pet beds and pets – you love your pet but your potential buyer might not. 
  • Clean that bathroom and make it shine!  A photograph will pick out any sparkling surfaces and allow the light to reflect off them.  Gleaming surfaces will look amazing, so polish and scrub till your arms ache.  
  • Pack away any shampoo bottles, conditioners, razors, creams, extra toilet rolls, or anything personal that clutters the room.  People don’t want to see surfaces covered in other people’s belongings when they look at a house.  Minimalism is the key when preparing your bathroom for photographs. The less that is visible, the better.  Think hotel bathroom and you won’t go far wrong. 
  • Freshen bedrooms to create an airy and relaxed feel.  Clean, ironed bedding will look neat and crisp on a photo.  Again, tidy anything personal away.  The only things that should be on your bedside table are a light and a clock.  Hide away any photographs, books, clothes, clutter on surfaces, perfumes, and shoes.  Think ‘hotel room’ -  minimal, clean and fresh. 
  • Make sure the living room looks charming and enticing.  It should be a haven of comfort and tranquillity.  Clear and polish any surfaces and pack away any personal photographs.  Light candles to add ambiance to the room.  If you have a coffee table, lay a couple of books or magazines on it – you want your potential buyers to be able to visualise themselves relaxing after a hard day at work.  
  • Make sure your entrance hall is spruced up, neat and tidy. If you have too many coats hanging up, stick them somewhere out of sight; you don’t want to portray a lack of storage space in your pictures. Tidy away shoes, umbrellas and anything else that makes your hallway seem disordered.  If you have a lamp, turn it on to add warmth to the photos. 

If you follow this advice and take some time to prepare your rooms for photographs, you will reap the rewards. Attractive photos = more clicks = more viewings = quicker sale!   

We would love to hear your thoughts on this article, or indeed any of our other articles.  If you would like any further advice or help with preparing for the photographer’s visit, please give us a call on 01202 612626 ​​​​​​​ or email us on [email protected]