4 sure signs it's time to move house


Have you been toying with the idea of moving home for quite some time but always seem to be able to find a reason to put off that decision off? You are not alone.

Moving home can be a stressful, costly and time-consuming experience and the benefits don’t always outweigh the inconveniences. Whether you're feeling squeezed in your 2 bed terraced or dreaming of finding that open plan living space to accommodate your growing family or maybe you just feel it's time to move on, your estate agents are there to help.

Here are 4 of the most common signs it's time to move on:

1. Your family is growing
Is the dining room that you decorated so carefully with plush cream carpets now full of the baby swing, pushchair & toy boxes? Are you wishing you didn’t have to redesign the “office” as a nursery for the new one because you know that you will never find another hidden location for your files & printer? A new house could be exactly what is required to reclaim the extra space you once had, plus a nice big garden for the little ones to run around in!

2. You no longer love your local area
Has your area grown & changes in the same way that you have? After living in a certain area for a long period of time, it is likely to have changed considerably. Do you still use that local café that you used to love spending your Sunday mornings at, drinking coffee & reading the paper? Is it even still there?

Do you want to be closer to those areas where you can go for a run or walk the dog? Perhaps you didn’t need to think about that when you first moved in because you didn’t have a dog (or go running) If so, moving is definitely an option for you to consider!

We are so lucky in Dorset, with a truly diverse list of social, leisure and sporting locations to choose from. Poole and Bournemouth have great career opportunities in many sectors & a number of good quality schools in many areas of Poole. Did you know that a property located near an “outstanding” primary school is on average worth £52,000 more (source-Rightmove 2017)

So there's no reason to feel anything but love towards the area in which you live!

3. Your children have flown the nest
If you find yourself with spare bedrooms and not enough weekend guests to fill them, perhaps you could release some equity or find a smaller but more glamourous location in which to spend your time. Is it time for you to downsize? Whether you choose a smaller house, a bungalow or even an apartment, there are a range of properties available that will cater to your needs, allowing you to bring the memories with you and leave behind those empty bedrooms.

4. Your financial circumstances have changed
Does your home represent your status? Can you entertain your friends whilst the kids watch TV in their own space? Whilst that one-bedroom flat might have been perfect in your early twenties, after years of working hard to climb the career ladder, it's time to invest in a brand new home to reflect your increased income.

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