How to sell an empty house


How to sell an empty house

If, like us, you watch lots of ‘house selling’ programmes on the television, you have probably come across someone at some point saying that it is more difficult to sell an empty property than a ‘lived in’ or furnished one.  Statistically this is probably true, but we can show you how to make the most of your empty house and attract those buyers.

Selling an empty house does not need to be difficult

Firstly, it is important to make sure that the house is attractive from the outside and has good kerb appeal.  With empty rooms, the interior photos will not be quite as appealing as they would be for a furnished property, so it is vital that the exterior photos are exceptional.  The buyer needs to see something in those photos that will make them want to arrange a viewing.  If the exterior is attractive, tidy and well finished, they are much more likely to view. 

Prepare your home for property viewings

  • Next, make sure it is clean, the interior walls are clean, well finished and freshly decorated.  The viewers will notice any floors in the property much quicker with no furnishings to draw their attention away.  There is nothing worse than dirty or marked walls where furniture once was, or even worse still, where someone has painted round a piece of furniture!  It doesn’t cost much to hire a decorator to freshen up the whole house, and it will mean a quicker sale for you. 
  • Replace any old or worn floors.  Again, marked or stained carpets will be immediately noticed by the viewers, so it is worth investing in new carpets throughout.  If this is too costly, get a professional carpet cleaner to freshen them up.  Polish any wooden or tiled floors so they look clean and fresh.  The buyer will want to imagine living here, and if it looks ‘ready for occupation’ they are much more likely to make an offer.
  • Make sure all the windows are clean.  Clean windows look amazing, and what’s more, they allow you to see the view outside.  Dirty windows infer that the property is neglected and unclean.  Small things like this make a huge difference to the feel of the house.  Not everyone is able to use their imagination when viewing properties, and it is important that you don’t alienate any potential buyers.
  • Visit the house at least once a week to check it and air it.  Empty houses begin to smell damp and musty if they are left too long.  Perhaps invest in some plug-in air fresheners which will keep it smelling lovely and fresh, in case of a short-notice viewing.  If you have time, leave the windows open for half an hour or so, to allow fresh air to travel through the house. 
  • Program the heating to come on at least once a day if the weather is cold or leave it on permanently, on a low setting.  The place will feel much more comfortable and ‘homely’ if it is warm and cosy.  Have you ever been to someone’s house and it feels too cold?  Did you like it?  It’s very important that this house feels like a home, and feeling cold is not conducive to this.  A bit of warmth will make all the difference, and is worth paying for to get a quicker sale.
  • Finally, say it with might be worth putting some flowers on a couple of window sills around the property.  This will give the feeling of freshness and add a bit of life to an otherwise empty house.
If you follow the tips above, we are sure that you will be making the most of your empty property, which will be reflected in the photographs. 
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