6 Easy Ways to Increase Kerb Appeal


Have you considered these?

It is said that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover but we can’t help but judge a house as soon as we lay eyes on it. Some people will refuse to view a property if they don’t like the look of it from the outside.

Even if you end up loving the décor and layout once you’re inside, it’s often hard to forget your first impression. Here are a few quick and easy ways to transform the outward appearance of your property.

1.    Hide the dustbin

We all have one, but no one wants to see it; if you can hide it around the back or behind a fence, great! If not, push it neatly into a corner and park the car in front of it! 

2.    Make sure your gate works

If you have an automatic gate, make sure it is clear how to open it or call. If you have a more traditional gate, make sure it is hung correctly and swings well. Is it easy to close? Does the latch work? 

Remember, this is the very first thing that your visitor is experiencing, if the gate is loose or broken or not able to be closed, they are more likely to think that the whole house is not well maintained. These are the little things that we subconsciously notice – and if you have taken care of these, visitors will make positive assumptions about a house without even realising it.

3.    Paint the Door

Doesn’t everyone love a pristine front door? One of the simplest but also most effective ways to make your house look more visually impressive from the street is to repaint the front door. If you have the budget, you could splash out on new door furniture, if not, just give the existing stuff a good polish; finish it off with a clean door mat to welcome people in and you will be amazed at the difference it makes.

4.    Think about lighting

Now you have a lovely fresh door, you need to make sure everyone can see it. Make sure there is lighting, not only at the door, but also leading up to it. In the winter evenings and early mornings, a dark pathway can be very off-putting.
Other than the practicalities of lighting, decorative outdoor lighting lends a warm and friendly ambience to your garden after dark and creates a real sense of homeliness.
5.    Hanging baskets and pots

Throughout the spring and summer it is easy to add plants, both inside and outside, to create a sense of natural purity and bliss. Even during the winter months, an evergreen planter or small conifer in a pot adds natural colours and fragrance to the entrance. 

6.    Keep it tidy

Above all, even if you don’t have any budget to improve your accessories or enhance your home, keep it tidy! Cutting the grass, weeding the borders and sweeping the driveway of fallen leaves, will all make a huge difference.

By following these quick and easy steps, you can completely transform the kerb appeal of your home 

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