4 tips for selling your home in autumn


Selling a property in Poole during the autumn time has many benefits - from the stunning shade of fallen leaves brightening up your garden, to the opportunity for candle light and cosy decor that gives your property that feeling of 'home', this season is prime time to get your house on the market. 

However, whilst the glow of autumn can be a draw to some, dark evenings and cloudy days don't always portray your property in it's best light. Our property specialists are here to offer 4 top tips for selling your home in autumn.

Improve your chances of selling a property in autumn

1) Keep your gutters clear
On a rainy day in October, the very last thing you need during a property viewing is for potential buyers to spot overflowing gutters. Keeping your gutters clear of leaves and debris will ensure that they work efficiently, channelling rainwater away from your house and into your drains.

2) Make yourself available for daytime viewings
Your home will always look its best in daylight and with the evenings drawing in each day, ensuring you are available for day time viewings could mean the difference between a quick sale and a slow, patience-testing one. Try to organise viewings for as early in the day as possible and let the midday light pour through and brighten up your home.

3) Tidy up your garden
No doubt your garden was used extensively over the summer months, but does that old paddling pool really have any use now? Smarten up your garden space ahead of a property viewing by tidying away summer toys, trimming back hedges and sweeping the decking. A garden that even looks great in the autumn and winter months is bound to be a strong draw for potential buyers.

4) Take advantage of the time of year
Property buyers in this time of year are probably keen to be settled into their new home by Christmas, and therefore may even be willing to spend a little extra to guarantee a fast transaction. Make the most of this and do your best to show potential buyers that you are ready to move on with as few hiccups as possible.

Do you need help selling a property in Poole? Perhaps you're looking to buy a property yourself? Our team of expert estate agents are on hand to help, offering a premier service and ensuring that your dream home is well within arms reach. Contact us today for more information about how you could be settled in a new property by Christmas.